Miroco LED Adjustable Floor/Desk Lamp

Miroco LED Adjustable Floor/Desk Lamp

Received this same lamp or something indistinguishable from it for Christmas. It works well but isn’t very bright. Intended to replace a floor lamp but it didn’t fill the room at all. Tucked away now to use on a workbench in the near future, where it’ll work really well.


Does it have a remote?

I don’t think so. The controls are on the lamp itself. Scroll through the photos on the listing and you’ll see them.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just help out here on the forums.)

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I got two of these in a previous sale to use as bedside lamps. They’re plenty bright for that. Getting another one for a reading light next to a couch. No remote. Keep in mind the switch is touch-activated so you can’t use this with a smart plug.

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I got one for my hobby table the last time it was for sale and I love it. Highly recommend


I bought on from an Amazon sale and sent it back. The on off switch is annoying and takes too much time just to get the light right every time you turn it on. It does not remember your last setting. The whole thing comes packed in a small box including the base which is way too small. If you have a thick rug or carpet its really unstable, you can sneeze and it will tip. Small and flimsy.

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If I yell at it will it obey me?

I got this last time they offered it; no remote. I got it as a desk lamp, easy to set up, plenty bright, various brightness settings, and will even make waffles (ok no it won’t make waffles).

Will it light a whole room, no but as a desk or bed side light its just fine.

That’s weird, mine remembers it’s previous setting just fine.

My three units remembers the last setting, too. Perhaps you received a defective unit?

I bought three of these the last time they were on Woot! and they are excellent. Very sturdy construction, but the power cord could be longer/more robust. They suited my need perfectly.

What color finish is the lamp? No Mentioned in info

what is the color of the finish?

I bought one in a past Woot sale. It’s a decent lamp, but the brightness is over stated. I use mine in the living room next to my recliner mostly as a reading lamp.

How tall is the lamp at its full height as a floor lamp?

Per the photos, 55 inches.

I received mine today and love it. Easy to assemble, maybe 10 minutes and wish I would have bought another one before they sold out. The light is brighter than my table lamp and really lights up the living room where I have a vaulted ceiling. Great product!


The item claims adjustable to three different heights: desk lamp, short floor lamp, tall floor lamp. How can I make it desk lamp height? It appears that the design of the connecting rods have changed so that I cannot.

Hmmmm. Let me check in with the Home team.

PS: Is the rod in 3 pieces that you screw together? The desk lamp portion makes for a bit of a tall desk lamp but a really short floor lamp.