Mirror Snow Cover- 2 Pack

Mirror Snow Cover- 2 Pack

Did anyone else order this and get an ice scraper instead? Nice scraper but didn’t need one. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry about that. This shipped directly from our vendor so I guess there was a mistake in pulling the order.

Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

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I also received little ice scrapers instead of the mirror covers. Now the mirror covers seem to sold out. Not a happy camper!!! I don’t like not being able to speak to someone to resolve this. Hey Amazon, give us the option to have you call us here like you do for the regular Amazon site.

I’m very sorry. Please contact Woot CS and they’ll take care of you. Use the support form in the menu at the upper-right. If the phones are staffed, you will have option to speak to someone.