Mischief Week! September 14 - 17, 2020

Made it the whole way and didn’t manage to snag a boc :pensive:

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No BOC for me only the VOP, which really should be called The Port of No Hope.

Can I put in a request for 10% more mischief? It seems kind of lacking so far. Heck, I don’t even think there was a single server crash all day! I don’t recognize this place anymore.


Blame @iamnero for the lack of any server crashes.


Not really! I scored my last 2 BOCs while “working” (on the app on my phone, not the company VPN), and this last one while I was actually on the phone talking to someone at work!
THAT is what is known as “multitasking!”

Failed to get a BOC during my first woot-off but enjoyed a nice time in the VOP. I’ll blame @Ginnyill for my failure. Everyone needs a good scapegoat. Got some other good stuff tho.

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There’s no way it’s my fault. Beside I didn’t get a BOC either. I blame @daverdies

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wtf! I posted in here and it went to the giveaway thread. I almost disqualified myself! lol

My meeting tomorrow was rescheduled to 5:15PM. I guess I just found a fellow Wooter :w_happy1:

I ordered my 1st BOC a few months ago. My husband immediately claimed the remote controlled car. Thanks Woot you saved me from seeing his eyes roll! :wink:

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Glad we could help.

In the very beginning, my husband was extremely irritated with my fascination/addiction to woot. THEN a couple items arrived that he absolutely loved. Now he laughs at me and is only mildly irritated, mostly when I “need” to stay glued to my computer during a woot-off, and especially during dinnertime. Other than that, he just makes fun of me and pretends to not enjoy opening bags of crap.

But he always makes a point to partake.

He even receives his own boxes on his own account. Even though he says he gets them for me, he opens them.

I think it is as much fun for him to pretend to not enjoy it as it is for me to actually enjoy it.

I should add…this is how much he does NOT enjoy it…one of the items we received, and if the university ever opens again, he says he will promise his students to wear this on the last day of school each year.


Here’s how you play.

Open up the game on your computer.
Have something you want loaded into your cart on the app on your phone. Go to the enter coupon code screen.
Once you see a coupon enter the code and check out. Do not browse. Accept whatever amount you saved as a win. Sometimes you waste half a coupon. Sometimes you pay a little money.

The stupid items that come up? Buy them. There will be something wrong with your order and you’ll get a magical customer service coupon. That’s not a sure thing. But it’s how you play this game.


Well I bought a ton of stuff! Hope I get it or…a wonderful letter from @ThunderThighs saying you win a bag o crap!!! :poop:

Don’t hold your breath on that letter. LOL.

4 days of mischief… it will do, but watching incase three more days sneak in!

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Do they sneak in more surprises following the conclusion of Mischief Week?? I was a late comer to this week’s activities and scored some stuff yesterday during the funhouse but no Bundles of Coke like I was hoping to get. So I’m definitely on the look out for the sneak surprise to get my hands on a BOC!

Probably not but don’t forget to check the Woot app tonight at Midnight CT to play the game for a rabdin chance to win crap. They do it every Saturday.


Ah! Thanks for the great tip, hopefully can stay awake till then to try and win some!

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I snagged one on the app mid-morning on a Saturday. They’re lasting longer so even if you do fall asleep it’s worth it to still play later.