Misco Garden Planters

Bamboo Stake 15 pack -100% off. lol

I’ve sent an email off to see if we can’t get that fixed up. Great catch, thanks for posting!

I seen and bought most of these items at my local 99 cent store

Botonical? Is that like Botanical, or different?

Also, they’re plastic, right? Might wanna mention that.

Uh… every item description I looked at said the following pretty plainly;
“Material: Plastic”

The ones I’ve bought at my .99 cent store were cheaper, yes, but they were also more cheaply made. Thinner and lighter quality plastic. This look like the ones that are a little tougher/thicker and made to handle outdoor exposure (UV from sun) better than the cheapies. I’ve had many that haven’t even lasted one season. I think this isn’t a bad deal when you consider these are multi-packs. Maybe not an ‘OMG, this is incredible’ deal but certainly not bad…

Misco WB2488/12-054T 24-inch Basic Window Box 12-pack
There are 12 Window Boxes in one order and the pkg weighs only 1.6 lbs?
Amazon lists ONE box with similar dimensions (24") at 2 lbs http://www.amazon.com/Misco-WB2411031-Italia-Window-24-Inch/dp/B008JT30TW/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374466247&sr=8-1&keywords=Misco+24-inch+Window+Box . If there are indeed 12 boxes for 1.6 lbs, each box must be barely more sturdy than a plastic cup! Are these stand-alone boxes or flimsy “liners”?

I’ve got bamboo for 100 percent off. Moved into a place with more bamboo than a panda could eat in a day.

Good gosh I hope no one bought these, they are way cheaper at Walmart!

The basic window boxes are 1.6 pounds each. They’re made in New Jersey, not China, and are better quality than what you’ll get at Walmart.

What is the approximate gallon size for each sized pot?

$9 for 15 seems like a good price compared to Lowes/HD, for those without home grown bamboo to use.