Misfits, Monkeys & Midgets



You think it will work, trying to shame them into it?


We wish you a monkey Christmas
We wish you a monkey Christmas
We wish you a monkey Christmas
And a monkey New Year!

We need more bravewoman and hasselhoff!!!



My first Bag O’ Crap purchase…I forgot to select 3. Oh well!


I have a hunch you’ll get the same amount as everyone else. That’s the way it seems to have been in the past.


Woot Member to blame: killingtime


Ooooh, you’re famous.


For a minute…then someone else’s credit card must have just gone through.


Good nite and Merry Christmas to all~!!!


Merry Christmas KT!!!

and Merry Christmas to everyone else too!! [:D]


Merry Christmas, Tall!


What do you all want in your bag o crap? And what do you actually think you’ll get?


A shocking monkey?


A roomba?




A Big Tee Vee?


A good night’s sleep?



Went to IKEA today…that place is nutz!


I’ve never been to one.
Nutz how?


My mom will not go into ikea. Stepdad and her decided that it was a fire trap. Sort of maze like, you follow the path on the floor and it brings you through the whole store.

We, however, love it! The room I’m in now is all Ikea office stuff. The more expensive stuff has held up very well for us.
It also has lots of storage things, a little storage rack that fit perfectly in a 5 inch space next to my stove that I use for spices. CD towers that are only 6 inches wide that are great for dorm rooms.
Lots of cheap pictures and stuff for the kids to put in their rooms or the boys in the basement.
Also have a bunch of these cube things used for footrest. Good for dorms when you make the bed really high to store things under it. Really steady, can stand on the edge and they don’t tip over.

But…the maze like store, with the crowds when they have a sale can make it crazy.