4th…place? Me thinks this is a tie-in to the “Four” Derby.

Another haunting image from Tianamen Square.

Whaaaaa??? ummm ok :slight_smile:

4 is a lucky number, the title is Misfortune, and it even has “for” in it. Coincidence, I think not.

Maybe the fortune will have some lucky numbers for the lotto to pay for his medical bill

Surprise 4th? No fortune cookie could’ve predicted this!

Somehow, this shirt reminds me of this.

and the bad news is:

That wasn’t chicken

It’s also Shirt.Woot’s 4th Birthday.

Clearly nobody has every explained to a fortune cookie the right way to read your fortune. Everyone knows you eat half the cookie, then read your fortune. If you accept what it says (or can make a witty ‘in bed’ joke), you eat the other half. Otherwise, you reject the other half and the fortune cannot be used against you in a court of cosmic balance.

Whaaaaaaa!!! Indeed!

Awesome, I loved this shirt in it’s original derby :D.

So, does this mean secret EC’s from here on out? Yes yes?

EDIT: Ohhhh. I see what you did there ^_~.

Is this a case of Haruspex on the part of the cookie? Because it sure seems like it.

So, are we going to see a week of 4th placers (eta: Why yes, yes we are) this week or is this an indicator of the lack of daily submissions?
How many times before this has Woot dipped in the pool of derbies for a daily?

The fortune reads: “Happy 4th Birthday WOOT!”

The cookies fortune! Dude where’s my garlic chicken?

HA ha ha ha, awesome, well this should make things interesting. Oh wait this is for woot turning four! LOLOL. =D Congraits Tjost!

Looks like this one took everybody by surprise, artist included.

Happy Fourth Birthday Shirt.Woot!

You’ve made this Jester’s life happier and job that much easier to tolerate whenever I see your shirts out in the wild.

Is this the first “Derby Chomp”?