Miss Meme Juniors Pencil Skirts

The size chart is really strange. Are the waist measurements truly in cm?

Yes the measurements are in CM. These skirts are technically juniors sizing but have some stretch to them so for adults I would recommend sizing up 1.

That better be a lot of stretch, the XXL is around only 15-16 inches waist. Even for juniors that seems tight.

Can you comment on sizing since you have these? I can’t decide if I think the waist size listed is just from one side to the other, or all the way around. If all the way around, that’s TINY for all sizes.

Also, any quality comments?

I clicked on this because meme. I am disappoint.

That was my hook as well. Is this product named “me-me” as in “it’s all about me! Me! Me!” Or is it “meme” add in “a personally transferable unit of cultural information”?

I would have expected a pencil skirt to have a rubbery top and a pointy end, but I appreciate that it comes in a variety of colors.

Here’s the meme I think … http://i.imgur.com/62f3OUc.jpg

Seriously, what’s up with that pose? Looks like she’s running away from a mouse or dancing on a biker-bar bar top.

so you bought them last time but you just joined today?

By any chances are these measurements taken “when measured flat?” It makes sense that a Small waist would measure 12 inches or so across the front when laid on a flat surface. All one has to do is double that number to get the real circumference.

You are correct. There is no possible way that those measurements in centimeters are right. If they are in inches they must be way off too. According to those measurements, an individual sized XXL has a 15.7 inch waist.


I checked with the vendor and the measurements are of the skirt laying flat which is why they are small - it is not the entire circumference.

If this at all helps - I have a few of these skirts myself and I can fit a Size M - my standard skirt size is 8.

These have been on here before, and sizing was also confusing.

anyone a size 4? I’m not sure if i should buy a small or medium

I bought several of these earlier. They are VERY stretchy and casual. Might be okay for a teenager, but not okay for the office.

I am a size four and bought Medium. It was the right size but get ready for some major cling. It shows every curve. On some bodies this is good, on mine, not so much.

Summer is right around the corner?? I hate to say, but it’s October!! That said, my wifie is a sz 2… would that be a small or a medium?