Missing Discussion Posts?

Was looking at this item and can’t seem to find the corresponding discussion topic:


No button, no topic when searching. Was able to find an old post for the same product (with lots of glowing reviews) but not one for the new item. I though it odd that there were only 15 new topics when I logged in this morning. Did someone break the forum?

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Seems to be missing across the board on deal pages.

(Fully updated latest gen iPad running iOS 12)

There are no (or very few) new products posted on the forums this morning. Wotbot must be out-of-commission and/or the forums.

They stopped having great deals a long time ago, now that the good deals are not so often, there really isn’t anything positive to say and why would they have an only negative forum. The death of Woot.

Woot actually started dying on July 12, 2004.

And not just because as each second passes, everything is closed to death…

I had important questions like, will this product’s magnet - when affixed to my head - interfere with my brain’s functionality or negatively impact my aura if prolonged exposure to a critical chakra?

Armytek Wizard Pro v3 XHP50 White USB Magnet Rechargeable Headlamp 2300 Lumens


It’s probably more residual problems to the big crash last week. I’ve asked the devs to look into it.


A few of us can’t get anything in our carts. Bits of discussion on the chocolates deal page but using the app (even after uninstalling it and reinstalling) it won’t add anything to the cart. Just ignores the click.

Hi there. Thank you.

Could you make sure you’ve got the latest app?
Turn off any ad blockers

Then let me know the

Device & os
Version of the app