My thread ran away. Too funny.


Well, this looks nice.


Have you sung yet or is that soon?

I am curious to know where my DORK ran off to. Hopefully somewhere interesting.


You didn’t accidentally delete it? (Singing tonight after 7 PM.)


I don’t think I have those capabilities?

How is your throat?


Seek and ye shall find!!


It is better this morning… I’ll take some stuff this afternoon to keep the nasal drainage away.


Your’re up bright and early! ;-D


Hiya, t’keeper . . . it is neither early or bright . . . but it is the weekend!!!


Hi everybody! Why are we here? Where is here?

TennBee, better to sing at night, than in the morning. I left a im for daughter to see what they tell them to do in voice class for your throat. Of course, she may not be up by 7pm! I’ll see if she answers before then.


PM me with it, if you don’t mind, so I don’t miss it in a thread!!! Thank you!


I will, if she ever answers me. College senior, can’t even think of calling on a sat until after 2 or 3pm.

Also, she just takes voice and chorus, Ithacas music school is a music conservatory, and she isn’t even a music minor, just takes the two classes. She should know something by now though.


now i’m confused… there’s 2 misfits threads?


One evidently disappeared overnight. AZ finally found it somewhere, but before that KT started another one.


so we’re back using the old one again?