Missing Link

eh, cool looks like something out of a bio book with that note

Cute, wish I had mo’ money…

Doesn’t he have a prehensile tail? The ocarina looks as if it is glued on.

I thought it was a cat o_O

I like the concept but not the execution. Just my two cents.

Very Clever, too bad this wasn’t around for the sale earlier in yesterday’s woot off …no matter, very nice, I always love the shirts that come over here at shirt.woot…I’ve never had anything bad to say…so good…you guys and gals keep doing what you’re doing…

I’m guessing that ocarina is pretty hard to play without opposable thumbs.

That’s why evolution happened, just so he could play the ocarina.

Love the bananas on the Hyrulian shield!

Ditto. Really cool concept but I am not crazy about the art. Sorry, gimetzco.

I am not up on my “pop culture” so I’m okay with the fact that I don’t get this shirt… But does it need to be so unattractive? Must be directed at a very specific audience… Yowzers.

Err, the missing link is referring to evolution so it’s a primate - crossed with “Link” the main character of Zelda.

No, this Link did not exsist. I believe God made every Link by scratch with his two hands to go save Hyrule. Links evolving from simple apes is abominable.

Is this a side of effect from Temple of Time?

Looks like every single one of my Oblivion characters.

Ocarina of Tail?

Aha! I always wondered why Link had such pointy ears!

Not quite the type of furry art I like. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is something about this that is highly creapy (and not in a good way)… perhaps it’s that the pointy elven ears make the monkey face look rattish… perhaps it’s the hunched posture which makes me think of skulking…and thus more rattyness…