Missing Pizza

Two of my favorite things cats and pizza. You know how to get my $$$.

Yeah this joke was old before walzaman won.

Cat innocence personified. Or is that pizzafied?

Less than an hour in and all the kids’ sizes are gone?

Can we get this with the Shroedinger’s Pizza as a front/back design?

Our slick cat Gidget really did this to us many, MANY times.

Asked my girlfriend why she only left me six ribs then we discovered a barbeque trail of paw prints leading to her stash behind the wine rack!

Fell asleep without eating my Italian beef sandwich in its closed styrofoam container; woke up and she managed to open it, steal half the meat off the sandwich, and shut the container back up!!! God we love that girl; such a good little thief but such a lover (that’s the best of a cat being a cat)!

Really, second shirt I was going to buy but the kids sizes are gone.

well played woot…7 dollar shirts and 5 buck shipping.

I can haz plausible deniability?

In other words, the same $12 it was before.
Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes To Shirt.Woot Pricing In March

How cats really see pizza:

A great comic even for those who are immune to cute kitty videos.

The pizza was both eaten and not eaten, until somebody opened the box.

For the love of all cat memes and delicious food, please make more of these shirts. In women’s. Size small. Thank you.