/!\Missing Tab/!\

For anyone who is missing a tab, I created this space for us.

Not sure what I’m talking about? This probably wasn’t meant for you. It’s not that you’re not welcome. OK it is that. But it’s meant in the nicest unwelcoming way possible.


I am homesick already.


(If you want a tab, you’ve got to order something)

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Gonna start/test a missing tab PM group. PM me with the tab name if you want in.

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I can’t PM you because it counts as a new topic.

You should be good

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Just out of curiosity… How do we send PM’s with the new system?

There are several different ways to do that. Easiest is clicking a user/profile, or going to the envelope on your user menu.

I had a hard time even finding this Missing Tab thread

Yeah, same, I’ve been busy and neglecting my missing yeah all summer and then came back to this. cklun must have had a total breakdown.

Wow, miss a couple of weeks and the tab goes poof. Can’t PM lichme either cause I’m a dumb ass and cant figure it out.

@xPTCx if you click on @lichme 's avatar a few posts higher in this thread, an option to send him a PM will appear.


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Oh no, my woot latte is gone! What will I drink now!?

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I haz the sadz, I feel like I should be stalking my wsssssssssss right about now.

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hi :wave:

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