Missyee Elevated Inflatable Air Mattress

Missyee Elevated Inflatable Air Mattress

What is the dimensions of this in inches?

They are standard mattress size. Queen (60x80 inches). Twin (39x75 inches). The thicknesses are 22 and 18 inches for Queen and twin, respectively.

I have one of these twin beds, same unit but from Etekcity. Slept on it for about a month while moving houses. I can’t believe how comfortable and durable it is. Highly recommended!

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Tempted since my Queen size AeroBed was loaned out and never returned. But when I see only 2 reviews, both “verified” purchases, BOTH posted on the exact same day, and oh, that was only 5 days ago, I’m calling BS on the reviews, FWIW.
Still may be worth it, but I don’t want something that’s gonna end up in a landfill in 2 years, or that’s made in China from god-knows-what-sort-of material.
Risky business, this Woot! shopping! Just seems like more and more, Woot! and all the “lightning deals” on the Mother Ship are nothing more than Chinese knock-offs with reams of phony reviews on them.

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I do agree with you that the 2 reviews are fake. Looks like those 2 people have given only 5-star reviews and most, if not all, are for Chinese products. :slight_smile:

Even then, I am thinking about buying one. It looks like a pretty decent air mattress!

From the Amazon product page. Almost good English. :slight_smile:


  1. Durable Materials: This air mattress is made of PVC. Like Swim Rings, after puncture will lose air and can’t be use. The same size air mattress was sale between 59.99 - 99.99. Seem the product is the same, but the materials are quite different. Durable materials can make air mattress not easy to puncture and leak.
  2. Safe Materials: PVC products generally have a plastic smell. But better materials will make the smell lighter. Missyee materials have passed official US CA Prop 65 tests, safe for whole family.
  3. Avoid air leaks: In addition to the above two, when you choose an air mattress, the most important thing is not leaks. All our brand Missyee did is to find the most durable material and pump, with air bed patent technology coil beam construction and seamless assembly prevents air leaks. Perform leak testing, load bearing testing, testing of air pumps, etc on each mattress before packaging.
  4. The long tech support period reflects our confidence in quality: You can try Missyee air mattress for 365 days and get the refund if you are not 100% happy.
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Can anyone tell me what the mattress weighs?

Twin size weighs around 13 lbs. Queen size weighs around 24 lbs.

If the most important thing is not leaks then what is it?

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