Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol tonight!

Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol was the very first animated Christmas special. Before Rudolph. Before Charlie Brown. Before any of the others.

You don’t have to know who Mister Magoo is. This production stands on it’s own and features a score by Funny Girl songwriting team Jule Styne and lyricist Bob Merrill.

NBC aired this in 2012 and did a merciless hack job, doing random edits to fit a 60 minute time slot (cutting away to commercials during the middle of a scene and never returning to that scene).

The full 90 minute Christmas Carol will air on CW this evening (12/19) at 8pm and again at 8pm Christmas Eve.

Watch the trailer here

Already had the DVR set.

Well I didn’t. Programming my Woot refub TiVo now!

It has long been a favorite.
Along with Rudolph…

Prep and Landing is good
The new Elf is good too.

I remember seeing A Cosmic Christmas…once. I’ll have to see if it is available.

Back when stop-motion was king and we liked it that way.

“Tightening my onion belt.”

Last year there was a PBS “Antiques Roadshow” that had the actual Santa and Ice monster dolls I think…

Go to PBS.org for replays.

Scared the crap out of me as a kid…

Especially when he revealed the starving kids under his robes (can’t find a pic)

Wow - I don’t remember that. It must have scarred me so deep I suppressed it. Guess those wounds will be (gladly) ripped wide open tonight. I plan on having a strong adult beverage in hand, room darkened and tears dripping at the end of “I’m all alone in the world”

We’ll find out tonight if I’m remembering the right one. May have been a different animated Christmas Carol. Still, this ghost was spooky…at the time.

Oops…Here it is…


from 1971

And it is the Present ghost not future.

It’s been so long since I did a remote DVR setting that I don’t remember how. I wonder if I can figure it out before it shows.

Edit: Only took me 11 minutes to figure it out. Yay. It’s set to record. @olcubmaster, thanks for telling me. I would have missed it.

It’s On! It’s On! All I need now are footie PJ’s and a bowl of popcorns!

Oh damn. Six minutes in and “The Duet” commercial is making me tear up. I miss my Dad so much sometimes.

I sat with my youngest son (now 22) and was swept away once again. I think he got a kick out of seeing me so invested in a cartoon.

I thought they did a great video restoration and I’m glad they kept the original aspect ratio instead of forcing it to fit 16:9. The audio had a few crackly spots but nothing tragic and they passed quickly.

While they certainly cut away to commercials frequently, it was done with respect to and without loss of content. I’ll gladly take that trade off to keep it coming back each year.

We’re looking forward to a Christmas Eve with Mr. Magoo and a Christmas night with Doctor Who.

Life is a wonderful thing.

An unnerving image to say the least. I found that was a shot from a1971 TV Animation that ran on ABC.

Isn’t it funny how those tears can still sneak up on you? My father passed away 24 years ago and I still get that lump in my throat, especially during the holidays as his birthday was Dec 27.

did i miss it?

Only if you didn’t save it to the DVR.

It’s baaaaaack!


The CW network will be once again showing Mister Magoo’s Christmas Carol this year.

Last year they were very respectful and careful of when the commercial breaks were placed and to the best of my knowledge it was the most complete showing in decades. (NBC did a hack job on it in 2012 and placed it in prime time, probably turning off a lot of new viewers)

Be sure to check your local listings!

your link says “12/24/15 – 8:00pm on CW Network”

now i just have to figger out where the f the cw network is on.

btw, iirc there used to be a short sequence showing him getting to the theatre. was that part shown?

Absolutely - including a semi-painful opening musical number about Broadway as Magoo careens down the road crashes and ends up going in the back door of a Chinese Restaurant by mistake.