Mister Poe’s Guilt Trip



Egads! Not only does the design have a nice creepy atmosphere, but the thumbnail also gives a creepy vibe.

Nicely done.


I’ve never wanted to comment before on a shirt. This is absolutely wonderful, kudos to the designer. I love the creepy vibe and colors and just everything about it.


The cat has a crater face.


I almost squeed out loud when I saw this, but then I remembered that I’m a twenty year-old male. Then I remembered that my roommate is too, and he’s also a huge nerd so I just did it anyways. I must have this!


Nice write-up; you don’t often see references to the goddess Bast.


This totally reminds me of all those fantastic movies-reimagined-as-retro-book-covers that were all the rage on the internets a while ago. I’d love to see this on the cover of a Poe anthology. Great design!


Bizarre and offbeat. The shirt’s pretty cool too.


No need to wait until Poe’s birthday next year - pretty sure this one would make a great Halloween shirt too.


Ooo well thought out composition. I especially like how the moon is placed to give the eyes a little extra glow.


Is it me of is that Samus Aran near the bottom of the shirt


Two cat silhouettes and two Poe references in the same week :slight_smile: that’s awesome!


Can’t stop starring at it. Mesmorizing


I’m a sucker for the following three things: black shirts, cats, and Poe.


Re: the writeup, if it’s doggerel about cats, does that make it catterel?


And this was the reason that, long ago,
In this city by the sea,
A wind blew out of a cloud by night
Chilling one E.A.P;
So that Baltimore policemen came
And bore him away from thee,
To shut him up in a sepulchre
In this city by the sea.

Death day as well, October 7th.


In case anyone hasn’t read this tale~




in my language, “poes” means cat, so this shirt’s name reads almost like this to me: “Mister Cat’s Guilt Trip” :slight_smile:

this is the 2nd shirt by Anna-Maria Jung i bought. hope they’ll arrive soon :slight_smile:


Metro 2033 meets Stalker meets the very little known Hitchcock book “Cats! (Not birds)”


Just read it, thank you for the link. Interesting read with the morning coffee :slight_smile: