Mistral 0-Degree Right Hand Sleeping Bag

I have the 0 degree bag. I purchased it from Gander Mountain for list. I use it in the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area (BWCA) every year in the spring. It’s a decent bag. Does not pack real small though. I use a compression sack to get it small. I stay warm in the 20 degree nights and I sleep in a hammock (Yukon Outfitters purchased here on woot). I have no complaints.

Do you also need to / do you use a pad or anything under you in your hammock? I went out in some ~20 degree weather with an admittedly not-zero-degree-bag and found the side of me closest to the ground was always getting cold - I assumed because the bag flattened out and provided less insulation? I faired better when using a pad as well, but would prefer not to pack it, if I can :slight_smile: