Mixed Veggie, Herb, & Flower Seeds Bundle (30+)

What the fungus? Off-season seed packs for $1 each. Head to wally-world and they’re selling 3 for a $1 in the garden center.

Seriously, what the heck woot? Talk about a death rattle!

What year(s) were these packaged / what is the year where it states something like “Packed For Season 20##” / how old are these?

I guess they gave up on trying to sell 130$ a pound frozen beef they had to find something else lame to put here. Home depot practically gives these away this time of year.

Here’s the answer from the vendor:

The seeds are packed for 2018, which is indicated on the packet. It is legal to sell them anytime in 2018. It’s likely that most buyers will plan on using the seeds in the spring of 2019.

This is perfectly fine. The issue is germination rate. The older the seeds get, the lower the germination rate goes. In 2018, most of the seeds will have tested germination rates north of 90%. If planted in the spring of 2019, most of the seeds won’t have an appreciably lower germination rate, and some might decline do 85% +

If a customer puts the packets in a zip lock bag and stores in the freezer, the germ rate likely won’t even decrease that small amount, and would likely not decrease much if stored that way and planted in 2020.

… this is not a deal. This is a shenanigan, though, so I guess the current tagline holds.

Yeah, I’ll undoubtedly drop the occasional $30 on some overpriced crackers but certainly not on a handful of seeds.

Migardener has them normally for.99 each right now they have $10 for 30

how can seeds be “heirloom” and “non-GMO” at the same time? The process of establishing an heirloom variety DUCKING IS genetically modifying the organism!!!

I really wish all you pseudo-science kool-aid drinkers would find something else to ruin

i agree with you that people take terms and use them vaguely and are often uneducated about how GMO work, etc. BUT, in this case, i think the description is just trying to say you may receive any kind of thing from their inventory. they offer heirloom varieties of seed packets, AND they offer non-GMO seed varieties, AND they have some seeds that are drought-resistant, AND some that are for short growing seasons, etc.
i did think it was very dumb that these are touted as organic in the description. who would try to grow something made of inorganic matter? or maybe they mean that the seeds have not been sprayed with insecticides yet inside their packets?