Mixin' It Up

Nice mix of wines in these offers. Really tempting on all of them!

Two of the three wines in the Wellington Vineyards mixed red 6 pack are new releases!

That makes sense, because I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve seen the 2010s on here. (Right?)

Can you compare/contrast to the respective '09 and '11 counterparts to the cab?

FYI: Part of a Mixed 6 Pack back on Jun 10, 2015…Very Tasty :slight_smile:

2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Sonoma County 750ml 2-Pack

2009 Syrah, England Crest, Sonoma Valley 750ml 2-Pack

2009 Zinfandel, Meek’s Hilltop Ranch, Sonoma Valley 750ml 2-Pack

Wellington no longer shipped to CT. What ?

I have a couple of bottles left but please … get this fixed…(groan, whimper)

Interesting–then I wonder if the descriptions are wrong? The '11 Zin has definitely been offered before, so I wonder if it is supposed to be the 2010 Zin?

Wellington is hands down our favorite!!
{We Love’Ya Peter ;-( }

I usually grab them all whenever they show up. Still can’t find one we don’t absolutely Love. I reviewed what I purchase & checked whats left on hand, but no 2011-Zin??
I could have missed one, I did take a sick day, once??

PS: Side note 97-Woot’s…Here comes the Black:)

Interesting. My purchase history shows I bought the mixed 6 pack in an April Woot-off that had the same 3 wines but all were 2011. Are we going backward on vintages?

Not where I can check my wines, perhaps it was a typo and I got 2010s in April.

The cab was a 2011.

Whoops, the vintage on the Cab is wrong. It’s the 2011, which was on a prior w00 t. It has 7% Cab Franc and 6% Petit Verdot in the blend. The other two wines are first timers on w00t.

Regarding ''09, '10, and '11 vintages for the Cabs, 2009 was an excellent vintage, and we made Victory Reserve and significant amounts of single vineyard Cabs. 2010 and 2011 we’re challenging years; we didn’t make a Victory either year, and bottled less vineyard designated Cabernet. In 2010and 2011 batches of wine that usually go into Victory or the more expensive Cabs were “declassified” to the Sonoma County Cab while some batches normally destined for the Sonoma County Cab were declassified to the Duke red table wine. IMHO, the 2010 Sonoma County Cab ( a standout for the vintage and a huge success) is more complex, and interesting than the 2009, yet at least as rich and concentrated. I think the 2011 is just a notch below the 2010. As to “better or worse” than the 2009 - it’s more a matter of stylistic preference; the 2009 is bigger, the 2011 more elegant, and perhaps more flavorful.

I do not believe the 2011 Zinfandel, Meeks Hilltop Ranch has been here before. We have had the 2009 here recently.

That would have been 2009 for both the Syrah and the Zin.

Well this offer might be expensive… Wellington wine with all my favorite varietals. Enough said about that. But does anyone have anything to say about the Clayhouse offering?

I’m interested in hearing about the Clayhouse as well.

Hmm… everything I’ve got shows that the offer from a month or so ago included the 2011 zin and syrah. That’s what I have on my cellar tracker, too. If I remember, I’ll pull the bottles when I got home from work today.

Yes, a little clarification would be helpful on the red pack. It’s somewhere between all 2010’s and all 2011’s :slight_smile:

Now the dessert wine pack obviously has molarchae’s interest…so we got two of those.

It is 2010 EnglandCrest Syrah, 2011 Cab and 2011 Zin. The previous offer was 2009 Syrah and Zin, 2011 Cab.

Excellent, thanks Peter!

Hi Peter, is the white port different than the white port usually poured in the tasting room? Last time I stopped by, which was a few months ago, Toby was raving about a special white port that hadn’t yet been released. The solera style is jogging my memory!