Mixin' It Up

This bottling of White Port was just released a couple of months ago. All three are the same exact wines offered on w00t in June. We blend the White Port for consistency of style and balance. I do prefer this new bottling to the previous iteration.

Comments on the aging potential of the '11 Cab?

At least another three years. I don’t insist that the Sonoma County Cab has ten year plus aging potential like the Victory and single vineyard Cabs. We sell a lot of this wine to restaurants, so it is vital that it’s ready to drink upon release, but I certainly wouldn’t want it so soft that it would be over the hill within a couple of years after that.

Finally got to the wine. They are in fact all 2011s that I received from the April W00t-off.

Edit to add that since I have some 09 and 11 Syrah I may have to get this so I’ll have some 2010 to fill in the hole.

I pulled my bottles that I bought during the April 14, 2015 woot-off mixed red half case. They’re definitely the 2011 Meek’s Zin and England Crest Syrah.

You are so right. Please accept my apology. The last time we ran Cab/Zin/Syrah in June it was '11/'09/'09. The April wootoff was a last minute thing, and I forgot about the vintages.

No sweat, Peter. Glad we could clear it up.

Always glad to see Wellington on here. Fortunately, my wife is always a fan of me buying, too, given your impending retirement. She now says that Wellington is a “collector’s item”!

Pretty sure this sale was set to end at rollover tonight, but now is showing an end date of 8/10. Is that correct? Did w00t extend the sale?

Well, I can see that something was done, just not exactly what that something was. I sent a message to confirm, check back for an update.

UPDATE: It’s confirmed, the end date was extended.