Mixman MP3 Producer Music Mixer



Mixman MP3 Producer Music Mixer

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1 Digital Blue Mixman MP3 Producer Music Mixer

Warranty: 90 days


Download music to mix and scratch like a pro DJ.
Software lets you pick from hundreds of music tracks.
Hardware is like a complete recording studio with dual turntables, cross fader and transformer controls on a single, easy-to-carry unit.
Make your own MP3 files and cell phone ringtones.
Turntable: Independent Twin Digital Turntables with 16 Track Segments
Scratch: Dual Independent Scratching Rings
Effects: Joystick W.A.R.P. (Filters, Reverbs and Delay), Dynamic Crossfader, A/B Gated Transformer
Fast and Infinite Loop Creation
Fast Loop Audition-n-Load
Real-time Sample Playback of 32 Loops w/trigger – lock – solo
Loads up to 16 discrete tracks (up to 128 samples per track)
16 Stage Step Sequencer Module
Beat slicing and waveform editing
Real-time control of Pitch, Volume, Panning and Tempo
5-Stage DSP Module w/ 25 algorithms including: Delays, Filters,
Reverbs, Envelope Follower, Beat Twister, Time Adapter
W.A.R.P. (wideband audio real-time processing) Joystick
DJ Controls w/Scratching – Cross fader – Transformer – Macros
Imports WAV files
Export to various file types including MP3, WMAs (44k 16bit file, CD - quality)
Overdub Vocals or external audio input/add FX
Over 1000 Loops and 5000 samples!
Download more music from Mixman.com
Format: Input – WAV, Output – MP3
Software: Studio Editing, 600 Tracks and Beats, Voice Recording, Real-Time control of Pitch, Panning, Volume and Tempo

Digital Blue Mixman MP3 Producer with USB cable
CD-ROM with mp3 producer, voice recording and studio software

Bonus “Gloss” CD - full of house and techno tracks.


Tiger Direct: $79.99
UbuyITdirect.com: $80.22
NextDayPC.com: $80.52


De Prices…
SecretPrices … $74.99 (Or $39.85 Marketplace only)

Froogle … $79.99

PriceGrabber … Marketplace only at $39.85

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“I like mix records and I cannot lie” all you other mixers cant even compare.

Buy one or three today!!


Man… woot’s really stumpin me lately on the price links… useful linkage… the best i can find… most comparison sites don’t have it… the few that do, have it at one store… see for yourself…

Shopzilla’s got it… one store only…… more to come.

MSN Shopping too…

Yahoo Shopping as well…

… have fun… good deal though.


You can use these things to control MIDI with DM2MIDI: http://www.pdoom.ch/dm2/ :slight_smile:

I remember these as the “Mixman DM2” from many many years ago.


OK for some people. I wish they would have an actual DJ mixer though.


I guess since I barely know how to use my iPod and my new SanDisk MP3 this may not serve me anygood right? It can be used with those right? :slight_smile:


I can see myself mixing at the club with this… lol, is this made by Fisher-Price? gnite


Looks neat and fun, and cheap. Wish it had computer and MIDI controller connectivity.


Well, I love woot as much as the next wooter-



its cheaper here.

Don’t think i want one, but it looks like fun.


Is this compatible with the froggy keyboard?


Yo bro…this muth***er be a greats mixah…it so solid it can block shots from most gats at 20 feet…word.


product haiku

Cheney going “waaaaaah”
would be my new cell phone ring
if I could mix it


Didn’t someone complaint the last MP3 player was “too small”?


79.99 on


Why would anyone buy this lame item? The software is low quality, songs are limited, and who the h_ll wants to be a mix master or master flasher or whatever the cr_p they call it these days. If for some bizarre reason you did want to be a snoop dog then just use software on your PC to do the same or more.

Easily the WORST WOOT EVER. Yes, that’s right, even worse than the salad spinner. I have never said this before but I am actually mad at woot for posting this crap item. Maybe it is just a joke or they are breaking in a new buyer…


More like Froogle

Goes $69.95-$299.99


Froogle even less specific

Cheapest then is $47.99


There are many of FREE WARE programs that do everything this unit does and MORE…yes FREE!!!..even a few websites that let you do it.