Miyabi Fusion 7-Piece Cutlery Block Set

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Miyabi Fusion 7-Piece Cutlery Block Set
Price: $399.99
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Condition: New


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These MIGHT be worth $400 if they came with a 4-star chef and $1000 of Woot wine. And $399.99.

I own this knife set. I love it. I received it as a Xmas gift from my husband a few years back. I know he paid more than this for these knives, not a ton more, I think in the neighborhood of $500 or so. Bought them from Sur la Table. Having high quality knives is a big deal if you cook a lot. Saves time and is actually safer. I always bought cheap knives thinking there was no difference, just needed to have them sharpened well, but there’s a HUGE difference. I’m actually a year overdue for a sharpening on this knife set and they’re still 10 times easier to work with than any other knife I’ve ever owned. Also, craftsy has a free class on knife kills if you’re unfamiliar.

But, is it Dexter-approved™?

I don’t see a cleaver included…or a glass slide and scalpel.

Dexter would find it…lacking.

Thanks for the heads-off…

I mean heads up. I’ll pass though.

Miyabi is part of the Zwilling JA Henckels company. I can’t believe the angle on these - 9.5 to 12 degrees. If you use a standard kitchen style sharpener with a set angle for sharpening knives then it will will ruin this edge the first time you use it. You’ll either need a sharpener that is adjustable to 10-12 degrees or you’ll need to freehand it. For a blade angle this steep you might consider getting a razor strop, some stropping compound and learning to strop. Stropping is really easy and effective for keeping a sharp edge.

I love to cook and I always think that people who love to cook but don’t know how to sharpen knives are missing out on one of the joys of cooking - cutting your food with a really sharp knife! These knives have beautiful damascus blades that look like they are really properly done and they should remain sharp for a long time. But like all knives they eventually will need sharpening.

Whoa! Look at that new price! If you were on the fence before, you better be running towards it now.

If you already purchased, that extra $100 will be back in your account soonish.

Reading the second part of your post doesn’t jive with the first part.
Perhaps check out japanese knive sharpening or japanese knife edge angles
a random guide

Fine whetstones, belt grinders, wet sandpaper up to 2000grit. these are the order of the day for real sharpening. That or finding someone with the know-how to sharpen for you (what most should do) People maintain/hone edge - sharpen when needed frequently by getting someone else to do it.

Here’s the information for these knives — Look under Re-sharpening

OOOOOFFFFFFFF! Excuse me - I mistook this for a deals web site. Cheap at a quarter the price!

Are these really NEW or are they open box returns, cursory checked by someone without the expertise or just by an automated scan at an amazon hub - then listed as new.

Many of the items I’ve purchased on woot have been recently. Listed as New and turned out to be open box and damaged/defective/missing parts.

Once I can see where an item listed as open box in moofi might have been shipped by mistake as a new sale.
When it happened to bluetooth speakers, headphones, pet ramp, sunglasses (one of three purchased,) salad set, etc… All defective, or missing parts that are integral to function (pet ramp)

it’s a little harder to comprehend a mistake versus intentional misleading.

And customer service both doesn’t answer multiple emails about some or offers a $5 credit or returned shipping at my cost (more or close to original cost) on others… then doesn’t reply to my reply.

Same question goes to the Sony speakers listed elsewhere - same rant as well.

I don’t really have any need at all for these knives as I am trying to pair down though the collector in me is screaming to buy them at this price.

The sony speakers I do have both want and need for - do not want open box defective items though when I’m buying “NEW”

Soooooo, the only thing that makes this knife set special is the cutting angle that does not conform to standard knife sharpeners forcing you to go to a professional knife sharpening service wich is a pain in the butt, if you can even find one close to your home. BOTTOM LINE: Pay a lot more for something that is not convenient. Makes sense to me …

If your ooff… was me
Point of clarity.

  1. This is an exceptional/spectacular/amazing price on very decent quality Asian-type knives
    Understanding they are different in form and function (Japanese/asian) than a traditional, for most of us, type european/american wusthof/henckels/sabatier… type.

My reply was to someone giving poor information wrapped with what should be general knowledge to people looking to purchase this level of knife versus an “international” or a cuisinart/kitchenaid etc line. Then there are those people happy with the ‘eversharp’ line of never needing to sharpen your, supposedly ‘surgical steel’ knives. I do admit it probably is not common knowledge here.

  1. This is the part in the reply- post…
    Please understand these are semi-standard asian type and either learn to maintain/sharpen youself or maintain and pay someone to sharpen - easiest is with some 3m sandpaper 600 to 2000grit for cheap knives like these that’s generally fine.

Best is 3 or more grits of stones say 1200, 3000 and 6000/8000 and possibly a belt sander for some parts of the process.

These are new. We can’t sell refurbished knives and we will state if they’re open box.

If you enjoy knife work in the kitchen and are looking for new knives with a budget that includes this price point of $300 than it would be hard to beat these knives, specifically if you aren’t looking at used knives which will need a lot of care - oiling, etc - to refurbish/resharpen and make new handles for.

Look at it this way - if you know and enjoy kitchen knives enough to to be enamored with the Global knife brand phenomenon… those knive sets that were dominating many of those cooking/competion cooking shows a few years ago (if not still?)
– these knives will make the global knives look like absolute junk in usage while costing less. They will be/remain sharper needing less maintenance than the Globals - they will be a joy to use in comparison.

People should understand the usage of knives and how to cut everything they are trying to - be it what kinfe to hack through a bone or to cut which type of meat or what fruit and vegetable.

There are many options for knives
The bottom line is if you CARE about knives and want good preforming knives regardless of style or specifically are interested in Asian style — This price on these knives is probably close to impossible to beat.

And…I’m talking myself into getting these despite needing to cut down on my knives - I have so many huge knife blocks, magnetic bars for kitchen knives it would be enough for a couple large cooking schools.

BlueAnt headphones - 2 sets - both OPEN BOX - tape cut on both, 1 cord in each - blue in one and black in the other unwrapped and not baggie tied sold as NEW - both defective, haven’t tried customer service yet

Uniden Moov speakers both sold as new - one obvious used open box, the other seemed like it was, both defective – Multiple emails to CS - after posting problems in forum and being told to contact CS – no replies from CS

Pet ramp Sold as NEW - came with glue opened and packing tape holding lid closed, Dog hair in box, scrapes on plastic pieces showing it had been put together before and TWO of the SIX pieces missing - I thought it might work as it’s rated for, I believe 150lbs and it’s for my 17lbs cat and 9lbs cats – while away on vacation it collapsed, presume when the cat was on it but cats seem fine.
–CS DID respond on this one (I emailed before putting it together and leaving on vacation) - offered $5 credit or return shipping at MY expense - about same as cost of ramp. I replied and no futher reply from CS

Ordered 3 Polarized and Mirrored Nautica sunglasses - One came without the plastic on lenses and temples Plus had scratches on lens - once there is a scratch on lens of my glasses I throw them out - do not deal with visual obstructions in my vision.

Fissler salad set - listed as new 1 of two opened and multiple scratches on the stainless.

I think I’m forgetting an example…

And yes, it’s not just from this user name… have a few other accounts ordered under.

LOL,you just proved my point,could not have said it better,thank you

Maybe we need to come with a new term similar to “truthiness.” How about “newiness?” “newsome?” “Genuine newused?” How about this item is previously new?

So… are you saying I don’t know how to sharpen my knives? I use a belt grinder usually and my knives stay hair-popping. I have also used whetstones and fine sand paper. I was just trying to think of what I could possibly convince a wooter to do that is easy since I probably won’t convince most to learn to properly use stones. A strop with compound sharpens and it’s easy to do. Most wooters probably won’t do that either though so yeah… in the end your advice to have someone else do it is probably the best for most people here.