Like the return of the robin, the arrival of the tank tops.

Anyone know if shirts from woot tend to run big or small? depending on the shirt, I can be either a men’s large or XL. same for my 14yo daughter - she’s sometimes a women’s small, sometimes medium.

I would go larger-they shrink a lot

Hi All,

For the return of the tanks… do they run large (similar to the tees)?


With the current Anvil blanks, the chest width is usually fine but if you use a dryer, expect 10% shrinkage in length. (There are other threads here which go more in depth.)

The unisex tank tops, similar to the men’s tees in width but are longer and will remain longer since they’re AA.

The ladies tri-blend will be more inline with the older AA shirts, not the current Anvil ones; in other words, they’re going to be narrower.

In all cases, check the sizing charts!

Can we get Spirit Dots as a tote? Pretty please!