Mizuno Men's Wave Enigma 5, 4 Colors

Woo Hoo - I’ve the first post!!

These are a quality built shoe that can go the distance. For anyone who hasn’t run in these Mizunos, they are a bit of a “lighter” training shoe meant for neutral pronation. I really like Mizunos for their fit and ride.

And your grammatical error is here for all to see forever!

Are they really “ombre blue & white” or are they the color in the picture, which is black and yellow?

The “ombre blue” is very dark navy. If you zoom in on the toe of the one photo, you can see it better.

Just a heads up! If they don’t fit right, you can’t send them back.

Yea, but still… you can always sell them on Craigslist for twice what you paid. These typically sell for $150. It says it right there!

Your incorrect critique of proper grammar is even better!


Are all of these normal width shoes, or is there an extra wide option?

These will be normal width (D for men). You’ll see Wide noted in the drop down when we offer it. Sorry.

Whenever I buy running shoes from Woot I check the website runrepeat.com. Has some of the most extensive reviews of running shoes. Also gives reviews from many other sites from experts and regular runners. Ranks the shoes in order of how their ratings stacks up. Also gives price comparisons. These two Mizunos for sale today are both rated in the top 3 of all Mizuno running shoes currently out.

So, is there something wrong with them to be sold on Woot, like open-box, return, other? It looks like they are $25 more on Amazon and even higher on other running stores.

I like Mizuno’s and this seems like a solid deal for a running shoe. Ragnar NW is just around the corner!

I have bought at least 7 pairs of running shoes from Woot recently including 3 pairs of Mizuno’s and each pair have been brand new, in box, and the correct size and color. Even the one I bought that was said to be open box, came perfect in the correct box. I just do my research on the shoe to see how they fit most runners and look for reviews as the shoes themselves have been exactly as they claim.

While here at Woot we do sometimes sell refurbished or returned items, this offer is for brand new shoes. There’s no better feeling than that new-shoe feeling!

Cool! I’m in!

Mizuno 410685.1F90.11.0900 WAVE ENIGMA 5 MENS CRD-BK CHIN for $49.99 http://www.woot.com/offers/mizuno-mens-wave-enigma-5-4-colors-1 via @woot

Went with the Chinese Red.

Hope you love 'em!

is this some what narrow?