Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 12

I bought these shoes back in May. I’ve got close to 350 miles on them and they’ve been great. I’ve trained for 2 half marathons in them and ran several long runs. I used to run in the Wave Riders but ended up with Plantar Fasciitis so I wanted something with more support. The Inspire fit the bill. Highly recommend and at this price, they are a steal.

I have also ran in these shoes. I bought them last August and have put on around 160 miles so far and they are still in great shape. I am very impressed with them considering at that mileage on Saucony and ASICS shoes I have seen significant tread wear. I do not have much need of the stability aspect of this model but they have worked great for me. I actually just bought a pair of wave riders on black Friday otherwise I would be in for a pair of these.

EDIT: Well I ran in the women’s version. I didn’t realize they were separate threads. D’oh!

I have to buy Mizuno’s 1/2 a size up - in fact Roadrunner sports says that flat out on pretty much any shoe in their line - have you found that as well?
I lucked out hard this year as I found a pair of “new” Ascend 7 on Amazon. Later Ascends were clearly not made on the same last and don’t seem the same.