Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 14



These are one more than the 13’s, but just less than the 15’s. That’s all I know.


And we appreciate your honest assessment.


Can I use the Wave Riders for Surfing?


I’ve ran waveriders for a long time. The 14s were a mistake. Main complaint is the high ankle collar for some reason. They fixed it with the 15s (I run in now). But they can’t get rid of the 14s. My favorite street running shoe by far, just skip the 14.


I have the same problem… rubs my ankle bone.


This is a quality shoe for everyday wear. I’ve had a pair for a year and a half and they are still going strong. Good build quality and at $50 you would be hard pressed to find a better built shoe. If you like the look and are in the market for a shoe to wear around, I recommend them.

I tried running in them, but I found them to be incredibly heavy. I normally run in vibrams though so my opinion is skewed. I thought I could use them for longer distances, but stuck with my vibrams. So I cannot really give much of a recommendation for running in them.


The sizing on these is WAY TOO Small. I Wooted a pair of my size – 8.5 but could not get my feet into them. Buy a larger size unless you know the shoes will fit.


Mizuno is quality. I have a pair of Mizuno Wave Elixer 7 (size 10…usually wear 10.5/11) and they are the best running shoe I’ve ever owned. I can’t say the same about these but Mizuno is great. I also have Adidas ZX-8000’s (10.5) and the Mizuno’s outshine them.




Current version is the Wave Rider 16:

14 details:

Heel-toe drop is 14.9mm for the Wave Rider 14 which is fine for the typical heel-striker, but is 3mm higher than most of the shoes out there like Nike. (The heel-toe drop of the version 16 has been cut down to a more typical 12mm)


Once again, no love for my canoe-footed offspring, who has just advised me that his 6-week old size 12.5 New Balance runners are too small.


Bah, if they had 13.5’s or 14’s I’d grab this in a heartbeat.


Bought size 13… Wears like size 11. Never buy Internet shoes.


I have just switched to the Wave Elixer 7s and I’m super super happy with them. I had been going between a pair of New Balance 506s and the trail version of the Minimus shoes. i much preferred the Minimus, but couldn’t do 3 miles on hard surfaces with them. The Wave Elixers are as light as the Minimus, and have enough padding that I can do hard surface running as well as have them articulate enough while doing trail runs.

If someone has never run in truly light shoes, then they don’t know what they’re missing, it’s like running in nothing at all!


I’ve been running in these shoes for years. I had two different “experts” from different stores from different coasts get me into these. They’re great and I’m buying a few pairs.


Again no women’s sizes??? Such a tease. SMH


I over-pronate. It feels so good to finally admit that :stuck_out_tongue:

So if you’re like me these shoes aren’t exactly for you.

But, as a Mizuno owner (and lover) I would highly recommend these shoes for the neutral pronator. I’m also a fat guy who wears shoes like these all the time and can say that my Mizunos have a tendency to hold up well and maintain good looks. If you like the reviews and the looks of these I would recommend you buy 3. No joke.


I agree, especially with woot, get the wrong size and you’re in customer service hell trying to rectify the situation.


How about larger sizes next time? Otherwise I would have grabbed a pair