Mizuno Men's Wave Rider 14


This is exactly what I needed to hear - I have a wide foot, and can typically get by with a New Balance 12.5 2E - but if these run small, then I’m out.


In for one… oh wait, they don’t have my size 14 :frowning:


For what it’s worth, I wear a size 12 or 12.5 in athletic footwear and I wear a size 12 in the Mizuno Wave Rider. Everyone’s feet are different, but they fit true-to-size for me.


hey woot, we women run and practice sports too. we also like pink things.


I think they’re saying the men of Woot are too fat.

AS for the shoes, I have this exact shoe and I love it. It’s not as lovely as was the 12s I had, but it works like a dream. Get about 1 to 1.5 size bigger, though, especially if you plan on some very long distances. The Wave Riders have taken me through 4 Ragnar Relays (Wasatch Back), 1 Grand Teton relay, 1 Salmon Marathon, and countless hundreds of miles in between. It’s a great shoe


I generally where a 9.5 or 10 but have some shoes that are actually 9, I bought these in a 10.5, I hope there not too small to wear.

and I just now checked my tracking number. After two days of absolutely nothing being reported, I get Nov 3 (today) Electronic shipping info received and a couple more with the latest being “out for delivery”

Perfect fit! Glad I jumped on these before reading the comments about the small sizing.