Mizuno Men's Wave Sayonara

Do they come in Wide/4E sizes ?

I’ve liked these shoes. Had the Wave Sayonaras and now have a pair of Wave Sayonara 2. Really had no noticeable break-in period and have been comfortable through half-marathons.

I’d say they run slightly large. My toes are ever so slightly cramped in 10.5s (so slight that I stuck with this size). With shoes I’m always 10.5 or 11 (skew towards 11) and on the border between standard and wide (usually standard is just fine).

We do not have wide shoes for this offer. We will call out wide shoes when they are available. Sorry.

How durable are these shoes? im planning on using them for everyday wear

I used them only for running (sidewalks, sides of streets). The upper started to get small tears between the stripes after around 175 miles on them. The new ones which seem to be the same show no upper wear after 80 miles.

Why buy these when you can get the Sayonara 2 for $60?


Indeed, this model is also (potentially) cheaper on Amazon. I wear 9.5 and the gray/gold version is $55 with free shipping AND free returns. Considering woot’s return policy and the pricing, I’d go with other deals over this one.