Mizuno Men's Wave Legend 3, 4 Colors

Tell me what the deal is here? Same price on Amazon with more colors and sizes available.

Mizuno Men’s Wave Legend 3 Running Shoe, Alloy/Black, 10.5 D US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B011XELY7Y/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_Ft-rxbD73MADG/

Woot is owned by Amazon so the price isn’t a surprise. I bought a pair of these last time and if you are looking for a decent stability running shoe that is fairly lightweight these aren’t bad at all. Bought another pair today. Not good for running in the rain as they soak through pretty easy. I’ve ran for 30 years and find these to be as good as say Aasic gt-2000 series. Not great for extremely wide feet as the toe box may be a stretch. Decent value.

Given that you don’t have to pay shipping if you buy on Amazon (assuming you have Prime) this is actually more expensive.

I remember when Woot was a place for bargains. No more - now it’s just a site for entertaining ad copy.

Agreed, I ended up buying them from Amazon (so either way they got my money) plus, I know when they’ll arrive and the shipping was free with Prime (okay, we can debate the “free” part of shipping, since you do have to pay for Prime, so technically it’s not free, but if you use all of the perks that Prime gives you, it’s pennies for the shipping.)

Thanks for the tip - just bought from Amazon with free shipping.

Are the colors/names reversed in two of the pics for the mens shoes? The one that says “alloy black” looks white, and the one that says “blue white” looks black. I’m guessing the lighter one is “blue white,” or whatever? Just wondering, cause I don’t want black, but if the dark ones are actually blue I’ll take 'em.

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?

No! It’s an email telling me that our vendor has lowered the price of these shoes to $34.99!!

If you’ve ordered them already- dry your tears. Your money will be flying back to you soon(ish).

Happy Wooting!

Hang tight- I’m looking into this right now!

The manufacturer is in charge of all the color names, and sometimes this can lead to confusion. However, having talked with the vendor manager this morning I can confirm that the color labels on the photos are correct. The Alloy-black is a medium gray. The Blue-white is actually a dark navy blue.

Hope this helps!

wait, what?

so if i wanted the black/red shoe photo’d last…id get a blue/white shoe?

if i wanted the alloy/black shoe i’d get a grey shoe?

You will get the shoe pictured in the photo. That shoe will have a color name that doesn’t make a ton of sense.

So if you want the last shoe in the set- order the “Blue-White” color.

How are these for just walking? I really need a good pair of shoes for walking (yes exercise).

Walking is a huge part of my daily fitness routine as well. I know that they make specialty walking shoes, but I usually wear shoes designed for running and cross-training like the ones listed here. That’s just my personal experience.

I’ll also pass along your question to the vendor for comment.

Great! Thank you. I read designs for walking were different from running, so I want to be sure as my back is really sensitive to impact.

Running shoes should be fine if you’re worried about impact. They’re going to be a bit less flexible than walking shoes (since they’re meant for a running footstrike), but that still shouldn’t pose problems.