Mizuno Men's Wave Sky 2

Mizuno Men's Wave Sky 2

Uhhhhhh…$54 on Amazon makes this not so great a deal

$10 is a pretty good savings to me. About 15% off if my math is correct.

Once you get into lower priced items, it’s harder to get into the large discounts.

Back to math 101 for you.
These are $11 MORE expensive here!
Amazon is cheaper.

Hmmm. I didn’t see that on the ones I checked. Did you look at the Wave Sky 2?

Their prices vary by size. I checked some of the sizes.

Yep. Looked at these. Size 10. All the colors except for one or two are cheaper on Amazon

None of the sizes currently on Amazon are under $69.99. I own a couple of pairs of this shoe and it’s a durable and good shoe for those who run who need a little stability. I recommend them for maybe not race day shoes, but for every day trainers they are great and long lasting.

I shouldn’t say none are under $69.99 as there are a few colors with extremely limited sizes for under $65. Not many though. Will stress again it’s a pretty good shoe.