Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 12

Do you think it’s a good idea to give people exercise equipment for presents? Or is it too “hinty”

UH…ONLY if they asked for it…otherwise too “hinty” is a polite way of saying “I am judgmental & arrogant”!

Copied from the men’s thread:

I bought these shoes last August and have put on around 160 miles so far and they are still in great shape. I am very impressed with them considering at that mileage on Saucony and ASICS shoes I have seen significant tread wear. I do not have much need of the stability aspect of this model but they have worked great for me. I actually just bought a pair of wave riders on black Friday otherwise I would be in for a pair of these.

Oh man, I use the Wave Inspire 11 and paid retail for them (100+dollars) and I am SUPER tempted to buy these. $50 is an awesome price on them. My current pair is pink and purple so either color option would be an upgrade.

I think it is only “hinty” if the person isn’t already doing that sport. If I got something I WANTED but couldn’t justify (like this pair of shoes…) I’d be thrilled, if I got a bunch tennis equipment I’d be a little less so.

A note from Mizuno’s website: “The Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 was engineered to add support without adding weight. Great for overpronators, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 has a redesigned U4ic midsole platform to give you softer touch down every step of your run.”

Of note: I have a neutral pronation, thus my ideal Mizuno model is the Wave Rider 20 (which I love, love, love!) … Just something to keep in mind for folks who are buying shoes for people who are going to use the heck out of them that don’t realize these things matter. :slight_smile: