Mizuno Women's Wave Legend 3, 4 Colors

Hey woot, 6pm.com is selling this same shoe at the same price with free shipping.


Boo. No size 11 in women’s.

just like the last time, pics dont match the shoes…i wanna get the black/red ones (last pic on the mens side), but the picture and ordering selection is blue/white option?

Is it a bird?
Is it a plane?

No! It’s an email telling me that our vendor has lowered the price of these shoes to $34.99!!

If you’ve ordered them already- dry your tears. Your money will be flying back to you soon(ish).

Happy Wooting!

The manufacturer is in charge of all the color names, and sometimes this can lead to confusion. However, having talked with the vendor manager this morning I can confirm that the color labels on the photos are correct. The Alloy-black is a medium gray. The Blue-white is actually a dark navy blue.

Hope this helps!