MLB Dynasty Banners

Where’s the one for the Chicago Cubs???

No Detroit Tigers??? I mean even the Cubs were there??

I’ll never forget when Boston won in 2004. As a kid my family were huge Boston fans. I wore a lot of Boston shirts and got picked on like crazy for it. When I returned back to the ‘motherland’ a few years ago I couldn’t believe how many people were suddenly decked out in Boston gear. Funny how a win changes things.


Braves and Cubs!

Sure the Braves were a dynasty but only having one WS makes the thing look like a joke.

The Cubs …

Red Sox banner is missing 2013!

You’re gonna need a bigger banner for the Yankees.


What do you have against the Dodgers? SIX World Series wins, five of which were after they moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. You have a banner for the Angels and they have only ONE World Series win. And the Giants have only three wins. You consider those two teams to be dynasties, but not the Dodgers? You disappoint me, Woot.



Seriously? You might want to lose the pedantic bent and lighten up a bit. Do you really blame WOOT for determining which banners are available? Ever stop to think these are the teams that were made available…by the MANUFACTURER (Winning Streak Sports)?! Also, the name “MLB Dynasty Banner” is essentially just an identifier for the product, clearly not meant to be taken LITERALLY, when some teams have one or two WS wins. Oy vey!

I’d love to get the Cincinnati one, but will it look tacky next October when I have to use a magic marker to write in 2015?

We can only sell what the vendor can give us. Think of it this way, maybe the Dodgers are so popular so there’s no inventory left to sell us.