MLB Goodie Bag

If I order twice on different days for the same team is the swag the same or different?

No promises one way or another. Could be the same or it could be different.

What…No Kansas City Royals??

Not great. I received a night light, tattoos, and a mini truck, to me these are for kids. Also got a luggage strap, all of these not on the list. Tote bag is ok but nothing special.

NEVER again. 3 goodie bags over the past 2 years…all junk. Not even a single useful thing.

I got a
cooling towel (decent)
Gloves kinda cheap worn once fell apart
Luggage strap we will see
Tattoos I’ll find some kids to give them
Family decals
Cell electronic pouch ( doesn’t hold any of my phones or electronics old or new) glad now that they only let me buy 1…

Just opened cooling towel can’t use it it’s stuck to it self so it was torn before first use., never again…

Just got my Red Sox box yesterday.

One of those half a baseball on a faux shattered window stick-on thingies (2*)
A nice pen w/ case & refill (3*)
pendant (seemed kinda cheap) (2*)
nice bracelet (3*)
dominoes set (3*)
“chrome” temporary tattoos (1*)

I’d guess retail $30-40+

These are basically pre-packaged. I would highly doubt you’ll stray far from what you see here – especially if you jumped last time.

I know right? I saw the thumbnail and got all excited then disappointed