MLB Jerseys

Are these bootlegs? Because none of the lettering on these jerseys are what the teams use.

What - no World Series champs’ jerseys?

Curious if they are more “replicas” than authentic. I think there are “authentic replicas”…

Are these actually stitched logos or is that a clever trick in the brand name? The images don’t show a close enough look to be able to tell and I don’t want to buy an iron-on or silk screened print.


Heat transfer, not embroidered.

Cincinnati only has one “t”…

Dear woot:


Yours truly,

A (reluctant) Dbacks fan

With the exception of the Nationals the photos all look like the team name was superimposed on a stock photo of a blank jersey.

Can you provide any photos of a jersey that’s unbuttoned, to show how it breaks?

Wait… what? No RedSox Option?