MLB Men's Jerseys

Awesome. I’ve been wanting A Blue Jays jersey. Oh, wait, THERE IS NO BLUE JAYS JERSEY.

29 of 30 teams available, though, so I suppose I could buy a jersey of a team I root against. Like, to burn or something.

What do the backs look like

Where’s the ROCKIES jersey?

All the other team’s have their nickname and not the city/location. What’s up with that?

Anyone know the fit on these? I see the specs but not near a tape measure.

The best way to do it is to find a shirt you like from your closet. Lay it down and measure. Compare that to the chart.

Team missing: They’re so popular that we couldn’t get inventory for them. :happy:

They’re solid on the back, no print. We’re looking for a photo.

If the Cleveland Horrible Names didn’t have a racist caricature on it, I’d be in for one.

While this may be true in this case, I do find this hard to believe. MLB teams or NBA teams, there are never any Toronto teams offered [sad face]

i’d totally be in for one of these for myself and one as a gift, if not for one thing–what is the deal with the polka dots in the team names? YUCK.

Just found out there’s licensing issues for Toronto Blue Jays. Different licensing. Maybe because different country?

It would be nice to see real images instead of a mock up.

These just layer the letters over a blank jersey, and don’t show how the letters actually lay in relation to the split between the left and right half of the jersey.

Unless, you know, that “U” in Cubs is really placed right over the split.

These are MLB licensed or no?

Yes, they are.

sooo I need a 2x…but the only baseball team I like is the Cubs :frowning: Why are they the only team that doesn’t have 2X??

It sold out, as there was one.

Can I get a Rougned Odor jersey?

Is it okay if it’s a little beat up?

Ok you peeps in Montana… What team are buying? I see lots going there but who do you root for?