MLB Stadium Pint Glasses

Does anyone know if these are dishwasher safe?

We can’t sell the Wrigley Field ones because someone peed in them.

Well played, Woot. That’s a helluva line.

Man those are ugly glasses

This is yet another case where the “limit of three (3) per customer” is ridiculous.

Anybody want a set of 3 glasses? I didn’t think so!

In my family, when a full set of glasses suffers attrition over the years and gets down to 3 or 4 glasses left — they’re on their way to be donated to charity. Period

Agreed- we’ve upped the limit to 6 for glasses.

Sorry for the delay, Frost- these are indeed dishwasher safe.

No worries… since I wasn’t looking to get St. Louis any way!

We use pint glasses as our everything glasses, and I’m too lazy to keep track of which are safe and which aren’t. I started with a pretty cool pint glass from Thinkgeek that turned into a plain pint glass after one wash :frowning: