Mo Memory, No Problems



excellent reviews for the 16gb memory at amazon. 4.5 out of 5 stars.


I’m confused, does anyone know if this will work in my motherboard?


It may, but I probably wouldn’t risk it. Yours doesn’t list 1600, like this one. It might work, but run at a lower supported speed, like 1333.


It should work. According to this it does support DDR3 @ 1600, up to 16GB.


I’ve have 4x8gb sticks of this kingston memory in my PC. This is about the cheapest I have seen (Amazon had it at $52 during the holidays/gold box deal which I got the first 2 sticks, and then hovered around $70 for a while and is higher now). I have been running it for about 2 months with no problems - I am only running at 1333 mhz. (Timings at 1333: 9,9,9,24)


I’ve been waiting for an EyeFi card to come up, but that’s not a good price. After shipping, the same model is only $8 more on Amazon. $8 is not enough savings for a nonreturnable refurb.

Plus, if you’re willing to give up .raw and geotagging, the X2 Mobile is $54 on Amazon. What would I find if I actually tried to find a better price?


dam i wish i could buy this


You can’t use this on WiFi systems that require a password or consent to terms/conditions… only fully open systems. Very disappointing. Save your $$$ and buy an extra SanDisk for your camera.