Mobi Rechargeable Pocket Speakers

I bought these last time for a dollar more. They are fun gifts for teenagers. I gave them to my student volunteer helpers not really knowing what reaction I would get, but they were thrilled with them. I am thinking of getting a few more since they liked them so much.

I bought one of these elsewhere, (the Skully design) and it lasted about a week before it broke. :frowning:

Love mine…debating get more for those “last minute gift” situations!

How good is the audio quality? I’m currently streaming Pandora through my Nook, and e-readers aren’t exactly known for their speakers. So how good do these sound?

Bought several of the soccer ball guy Mobi speakers a few years ago from Woot($2.99 EA) and I think for it’s size and cost it has very good sound,far better than most older laptop speakers.

Same here. For the three days it worked, the sound quality was sub-par at best, then it started cutting in and out every few seconds. Back to the store it went.

I want to get this because I love Butters, but then again everyone does.