Mobi Universal Car Charger for Mini USB Devices

Buy 3 to make it a worth while deal with shipping.

lol $0.01??? too bad it wasn’t microUSB…

The mini usb plug breaks too easily… at least it did for me…

I’d pay twice as much for a micro USB charger…

I wonder if anyone will buy just one… $5.01 vs $5.03.

Already have one of these and an inverter in my car… I’ll pass

LOL! I paid $.03 for 3, but $0.39 for tax. Thanks Texas!

For the price, why would you not buy three?

i second that

these would have been better if they just let you plug a usb device into them like a couple of the ones I already got.

Didn’t know all GPS’s had a standard connection.

Agreed. All the new cell phones are going to micro USB (at least according to the Verizon rep who paid for our lunch). Would make a good deal for spares in the future.

27% bought 1


LOL I didn’t even think of buying three (I came in late for it anyway)

That’s the first time I’ve been the wooter causing an item to sell out.

At this price, I’ll solder in microUSB connectors for the devices that need those.