MobiDV Digital Media Player and Camcorder

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Item qty: 1000, Last Order: 10:28 AM CST, Wooter to blame: DeniseBrown
Order Pace: 0m 37.702s, Woot Wage: $7,637.96/hour.

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Quality Posts (a few posts we stumbled upon that look particularly helpful to others):

lannywa found a review, and quick.

jqubed links to some sort of interesting diary/review.

GeorgeWBush took the responsibility of finding more detailed specs, though obob points out it’s of the h10 model and not this h12.

rizzydoo discovers that this item is not Mac-compatible.

THX113ATE discusses screen resolution and what “DVD quality” really means.

BrahmaBull links to the review that convinced him to buy, which includes sample pics.

looks like a neat product

that’s a pretty good price, too.

…but I need more MEGAPIXELS.

“The MobiDV’s unique 230° rotating lens design lets you take pictures at all kinds of awkward angles, making it easy to get footage from behind cover, or inside snake pits, or of your own anus.”

“or of your own anus.”

Does this sound like a preview of this Friday’s contest to anyone else?

I love it when woot sneaks in these little contest hints!


Whiner’s List

m4xx - 1 (doesn’t have enough megapixels in his life)
specialized999 - 1 (wants to know what cats are for in pic)
ckullberg - 1 (thinks the woot cat is creepy)
Bluecobra - 1 (thinks the woot cat is happy and justifies buying the camera)
ahecht - 1 (would rather have a hacked camera)
azncorruptedo17 - 1 (still complaining about the previous woot. Get over it!)
ErikW - 1 (thinks his camera phone is an adequate substitute for this woot)
yommo - 1 (wants the world to woot on his time schedule)
gozu - 1 (sees “bad quality” written all over it, despite excellent reviews)
dimatteo - 1 (spent too much - $165 last month - for same item before it was a woot)
mainal50 - 1 (wants the whiner’s list populated faster. Yes, master!)
skaboobie - 1 (can’t tell the difference between his computer and the toilet at nite. Hello, electricity?)
uber0 - 1 (busted his daily woot allowance)
digitalh2o - 1 (prefers D-snap to woot. Does that come with a community?)
jqubed - 1 (thinks mac daddy doesn’t know the difference between daylight savings and standard time, but otherwise jqubed is okay)
NeoLuddite - 1 (is against alchohol abuse. Is afraid the woot-kegs will hit safety barrier)
kylefn - 1 (still fighting the civil war)
mrdoctor - 1 (thinks woot cat has funny smile. Seriously?)
cangreja - 1 (is against kids being videotaped. What, so you never watch America’s Funniest Videos?)
leebenningfield - 1 (complains he is not good with camcorders)
w00t? - 1 (found another camera for lots more money)
svtranch - 1 (never been out of Texas. Yes, it’s a GREAT state. I wouldn’t wanna leave either.)
wbbigtymer - 1 (must be a vegetarian?!?)
AZGman - 1 (wants to be on top)
rizzydoo - 1 (disappointed it’s not compatible with mac computers. Thanks for adding that computer clarification. I just bought one and would hate to find out it’s not compatible with me!)
RedDawg - 1 (what can he do? he wants two! Enter a poetry contest that has this as a prize.)
snoudude - 1 (another guy freaked out by the woot cat)
jmcary02 - 1 (says his cat isn’t nearly as scary. Another poet wannabe.)
lukeduff - 1 (wants to start the photoshop contest NOW!)
wcrannell - 1 (found a different camera he wants to buy in a flash. Was that a pun?)
quikag - 1 (his woot purchase includes free dirty looks from the wife)
justcheckin - 1 (loves his camera but paid MUCH more)
stet - 1 (wants to use in bars and casinos. Suspect he might be into blackmail.)
Dickielucy - 1 (claims Lucy says size doesn’t matter)
mikemcsweeny - 1 (doesn’t want to take his own personal rear view pics)
MsWriter - 1 (wants to document her very own puppy love)
sienna - 1 (wants to document video from rc airplane)
chrisaroz - 1 (mad because he snoozed and loozed)
jmcary02 - 1 (more scared of winning an RDB poem than he is of the woot cat)
mac daddy - 1
Total - 40

hmmm looks decent

It looks sweet… hey… Where’d my money go!!! shoot… looks like I’m sitting this one out… that is seriously purty sweet looking…

Looks Cool

What the heck is that cat on there for?

its beeeeeaaaaauuuuutttiiiffuuulllll count me in on one

should sell out quickly.

Thinking about it…Geesh that Cat is Creepy

I should buy this just because of happycat.

Hmm, I might be tempted if I hadn’t just hacked a $25 CVS “disposable” camcorder to do essentially the same thing.

The only advantage this this has is flash and a swivel lens.

looks good ! better than yestardays at least

…or you could just use a camera phone.

HAPPY CAT. I knew there was a goon involved in this operation somewhere. OMG DO YOU GUYZ HAVE STAIRS IN YOUR HOUSE???

Nice, but I’ll pass.

Wow this is something new for woot…

I dont know what to make of it.

Any review of this??? I have been in the market
for a digital camcorder.

Not in the market for a camcorder, but looks neat.