Mobile LED Projector



These things are getting better, but I wonder by how much.


While there were a few shortcomings such as it having no zoom and rainbow artifacts being visible in video, Projector Central otherwise rated it very high in their review giving it a perfect 5 out of 5 in value and easy of use.


This is not that great of a price for a refurb LED 720p projector. A new BenQ GP2 (LED 720p and i-dock connector) has been as low as $400 to $450 brand new. Used or refurbs tend to go below $400. Same goes for the Vivitek Qumi Q2. Can be had for not much more new and a lot less as a refurb or used.


I have one of these in my living room. 120 inches… Its amazing. Dont get me wrong if you want to spend thousands on a projector there is better quality out there. But I am able to watch in my well lit room with no problem and we have a huge window shining on the screen… We use this as a Tv replacement most of the time and you really cant beat it for the price…


Yeah not a smokin’ deal, but this projector is a little brighter than those (500 lumen vs. 200/300).

Better to compare with the Viewsonic PLED-W500, Acer K330 and NEC L50W, which are all clones of this device.


This is not the same type of projector as the BenQ GP2. This one is catered more towards business use, data projection. It is twice as bright (measured ANSI lumens according to projector central) and has built in data viewing capabilites via SD card (jpg, pdf, powerpoint, excel, word) and more.


No Audio Out!

Even the Pk301 I bought on Woot had Audio out. With the tiny onboard speaker as the only audio option, this is a deal killer. Also the price is high.


HDMI carries audio.


Ohp, I’m dumb. Good thing I figured it out myself, so no need to get your panties all in a wad, if you were going to.


Product webpage:


quick start guide:



demo (same guy)

review, although I’m thinking no part 2



He means the projector itself has not audio output jack, so as a “home theater in a box”, it might disappoint. But there are plenty of ways to pipe the sound elsewhere in a more permanent setup. PC, PS3 and XBOX360 can all send audio through optical rather than HDMI.

I bought one a while back and couldn’t be happier. It’s still the only projector (along with its 3 clones) that fits all of these conditions:

Reasonably bright


GET ONE!!! i have this projector and no complaints!!! except for no audio out, but i use a sound system… so no problem there. This thing is amazing, and it the size of a college textbook and really light. image quality is great. Look for videos on utube


How long will the LED work before having to replace it? I had a projector before but having to change out the bulb every year made it expensive.

Nevermind, should have read the specs 1st…


I am still using an Infocus 7210 on a 100 screen and the picture still rocks! It was one of the first to use the DC3 (Dark Chip 3) from Texas Instruments.

Faroudja processing identifies film-based material and displays it at the same refresh rate as movie theater projectors (48 frames/second). This eliminates image stuttering that is sometimes visible as flicker.

Friends think it is 1080p when fed an HDTV source and are surprised when I tell them it 720P. It all in the optics and processors .

I know my system is ‘dated’. I get approx 2500 hours per bulb and have found a supplier who sells the OEm bulb for 56.00.(equivalent to running it for 110 days straight which of course I don’t do). I have an Infocus 100 inch drop down screen.

I have yet to see a projector the renders DVD’s as well as this projector.

I will have to spring for a newer model/technology projector one of these days. but have not seen one yet that beats this. This had a list price if 6,000 when it came out.


WHO is the supplier? I work for a non-profit that shows a lot of intro movies and the $325 bulb just died. Looking for a decent OEM replacement.


Are you sure you can access audio out using the HDMI port? That port is probably just for supplying HDMI input to the projector. I want to play AVI & MOV video from SD card inserted into this projector and have audio output to large speakers and am pretty sure this device won’t do that. If you have proved it, I need to know.


I agree, refurb should be less, I got a new one from Amazon for about 500. It is a nice unit, seems brighter than 500 lumen and the keystone correction works great when shooting HD video on the ceiling of a bedroom.


Does this have display lag? For instance if I was playing XBox on it, would there be a delay between my actions and what’s actually showing up? Thanks.


Just what Woot needed. More Optoma projectors.