Mobile Life In-Ear Earbuds w/ Inline Mic

**Item: **Mobile Life In-Ear Earbuds w/ Inline Mic
Price: $4.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard OR $9 Two-Day OR $12 One-Day
Condition: New

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Whew got mine. Now I can sleep. Good night and good luck fellow wooters!

so close, yet so far away…

Anyone else as tired and cross-eyed as I am?

Add another to my failed deals list in my cart :frowning:

I made progress… first time ever I got one to show up in my missed list.

I have to say, for camping this all day, jumping on each damned link, coming home to a 20 mbps connection, having an F5 complex… it still isn’t worth it. I don’t know if it’s the bots, or what. But I cannot get the page to load fast enough, and I have gamer reflexes. I’m clicking the damned links for checkout before they’re even graphically loaded, and it’s STILL not fast enough.

Woot, please find out how to make your site bot-free. I used to love the chance of a BoC during a wootoff, but due to botters I haven’t had a chance to snag one now for nearly 3 years.

To all you botters, burn in hell. To everyone else lucky enough to get the BoC regularly, I tip my hat. G’day.

Yep, I didn’t even see the hint until i tried entering it as part of the url :/. However, I feel like since i invested this much time, I have to stick it out. At least a little longer…

still no luck and soon the morning folk will come in.
Come on Woot.
Give us a break .
pretty please w/ a cherry on top ? and ice cream and chocolate too ?

I use keyboard shortcuts and just refreshed the community page (which loads faster and before the home page). This is my second BoC ever to get :slight_smile: My first one was about a year and a half ago.

I can tell you I’m not a bot. Theres only ONE boc available on each of these links so you have to be the first person to get it. In my opinion this has been the best solution woot’s come up with since the more innocent days of just putting up a BoC and letting 1500 people get at it while the servers crashed. This F5ing has been fun, its bot free, and its been a real challenge. Just stick it out and maybe you’ll get one. Good luck.

Wait, what? ONE fracking BoC per link?.. nvm I’m done.

Yeah just one. As can be seen by viewing the first and last sales stats tab on these BoCs (heres the one I got). But hey look at it this way. At least you have a chance right now during the night. Feel sorry for those poor suckers that will be trying during the day with thousands of other people. But maybe by then woot will be upping the number to more than just one? Who knows…