Mobile Pixels 12.5" Duex Pro Portable Monitor

Mobile Pixels 12.5" Duex Pro Portable Monitor

Anyone know if this requires driver installation? I want to use this with my work laptop, but I do not have admin rights to install any drivers. I need it to be plug and play.

Hi there. Found this on their FAQ page:

Should I install something to start using Mobile Pixels DUEX Pro?

Yes, you will have to install a driver. For Windows users, the driver will be automatically installed when you plug Mobile Pixels DUEX in for the first time. For Mac users, you will have to download the driver, we will ship DUEX Pro with very specific instructions.

I almost bought this but I have an iPad Pro so I bought the Duet app instead and installed the accompanying software for my PC laptop (it uses your iPad charge cable to connect). While it doesn’t attach to my laptop, it’s one less screen to manage while I travel since I carry the ipad and laptop anyway. Just wanted to put that out there, sorry if it steps on any toes.

The installation pads/velcro does not hold up, kept falling down! The image is poor!