Mobile Power Auto Safety

I’m surprised the writeup wasn’t about the robot refugees from the Jetsons – that’s exactly what these look like!

Now that you say that, the charger does resemble Rosie. Ha.

OK, something seems whacked here. This one is less powerful than the 2001 and it’s $10 more? Amazon has it, not discounted, at $99.

I’ve looked at both models and done as much research as I can.

The 2032 is larger, but lighter, and has one AC plug.

The 2001 is smaller, heavier and has two AC plugs.

That being said here’s what I’ve learned:

“Peak” amps means only a boost. It isn’t meant to jumpstart your car from a completely dead battery. Just give the battery an extra “push” to turn over and start.

“Cranking” amps are what you’d use if your battery was akin to a zombie. Minus all the brain-craving of course.

300 amps - Good for a small car, boat, or similar.
400 amps - Good for a medium-sized car or smaller

Either way, please check your car’s owner manual PRIOR to buying. Too many amps is okay, too few is NOT.

I think, on both of these deals, a good bit more information is needed! The listings for both the 2001 and 2032 are missing lots of information!

So for now, sorry woot, I’d pass on these unless you just need something like this. If you have to have one, I’d spend 10$ less and get the 2001 model.*

*I’m not a mechanic nor am I in car-parts sales. But I think a potentially better brand would be better to hold out for.

I think the first time I saw a boost pack sold on woot was the week after I broke down and bought one for my failing automobile. :expressionless:

Aside from that, the 4032 “Twin” retractable light looks quite keen!

Thank you very much for your time and effort researching these models. I have limited $$ (as 99% of us do,) and I will follow your advice. I’ll save the $$ and wait for a better brand/model. Thanks again! WOOT!

And of course these show up on Woot exactly one week after I bought one :slight_smile: That being said I did a LOT of research on these prior to purchase (not just this brand but all of them) and here is my take on these…

  1. These look to be OEM’s from Wagan, their “Power Dome” series. But there are some inconsistencies with specs between the two lines.

  2. The MP2001 looks just like the PD2355. The MP2032 looks just like the PD2464 (except the PD is yellow).

  3. The MP2032 lists an inverter with 200 watts and a jump start of 300 cranking/600 Peak. The Wagan PD2464 however lists the inverter as 200w and the peak as 400w.

  4. The MP2001 lists an inverter of 400w with 500 peak but the PD2355 lists it as having a 600w peak and 200w inverter that has a “400w surge”.

That being said, all of the specs on these sorts of things are “finessed”. And as said before check your engine specs before buying.

There are next to no reviews for this brand but Wagan has quite a few, sadly they are not so greate. 2.5 to 3 stars. But when you read the actual reviews the picture I get is that either the unit arives DOA or dies shortly thereafter OR it lives a long’ish and health’ish life. Very few of these sorts of battery banks have what I would call an “extended life span”.

In the end I wound up buying the Wagan Power Dome EX for $131.75 from Amazon. (Because if it dies right off Amz will take care of it). Wagan does NOT have a good history of customer support or really anything else. My choice was based on some reasons that most likely will not be yours.

First, CPAP. If you don’t use a CPAP this would probably never occur to you. However lots of people who do use them end up turning to battery banks like these. Why? Actual CPAP battery systems can cost two to three times as much. I can get two solid nights plus other uses from this on a single charge. This past weekend I blew up a queen sized air bed using a Coleman AC powered pump, played the radio for a while, used the light a few times and plugged in my CPAP for two solid nights and still had a light charge when we packed up. Oh and topped off the charge on my cell phone. So I’ve only used it the one weekend but I have to say, I’m pretty happy with it.

Second, I like DIY projects and my first thought was to build something like this. Use a real deep cycle battery and put it in one of those battery storage boxes. As a 12v plug and a good inverter. But once I priced the whole project out I’d be at or well above this price point. So I started looking for Jump Starter’s like this where the batter was not too hard to replace. And I could get at other components as needed.

The good? If it doesn’t die right off they usually last and work great. Add in a Harbor Freight 45w charge panel and you have a zero gas generator. Rugged and has lots of tools in one box. USB, 12v, 110v, flash light, air pump and jumper cables.

The bad: Often doa or dies on first use. Not light. Not a true deep cycle battery and on top of that you can overcharge them! Drain it too low or charge it too much and it can ruin the battery. Cost of an OEM battery is not cheap. I however have found real deep cycle batteries that will work in this for about $30. You really will need to either watch out when you charge it or put it on a trickle charger. Which just seems ridiculous considering what this is.

Right now mine is in the trunk of my car. I use a small Harbor Freight 5w solar panel trickle charger that sits on the deck of my back window. It stays topped off and ready for use. I really enjoyed the one weekend I got to use this and I look forward to our next outing.

As to jump starting? I am a “two is one and one is none sort”. So I also have standard jumper cables AND a little chemical based energy pack that you pull a rip cord on and then hook up to the car battery.

Awesome review, I’m a CPAP user & never bought a battery-backup due to high cost. Thanks for bringing this up.