Mobile Power BoostPak2

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Mobile Power BoostPak2
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I love that it has a usb charger included. I’ve been stuck in a few parking lots at night with a dead batter and nobody around. Something like this would have been real handy then.

Reviews appear to be quite horrid at qvc’s site

This thing probably lacks enough current to jump start a large vehicle, but they don’t even bother to list that info.

The battery in my Galaxy S5 has 600 mAh more than this item…

First impression of this? Pass.

Hey Woot,

The general opinion here is that one needs a bigger battery to charge a smaller battery…right? But you’re showing us a smaller battery to charge a bigger battery. How does that work for us?

If you mean physical size, generally that is true, but with a Lithium Ion battery, it CAN have a larger battery capacity in a smaller physical size.
From the QVC reviews, it sounds like this is NOT the case here. Bummer. I really wanted one of these but if it does not work…

That’s not really relevant. It has to be a series of Li-Ion cells, probably 4 to arrive at a 14.8V nominal charging voltage for a ~ 12V vehicle battery.

As such, the step down 5V USB circuit would have an effective total current capacity between 2X and 3X that.

In the context of phones it has far more than needed to recharge any handheld phone, but falls short on putting a lot of charge into a vehicle battery.

Whether it gives you enough charge depends a lot on the state of the battery, cables and connections, starter, ambient temperature, etc (why it wouldn’t start in the first place since it depends on the vehicle battery taking a charge over several minutes instead of directly supplying all starting current itself).

When the unit being sold has a prominent setting “vehicle starter ON” and is called “Mobile Power Boostpak” these are strong (albeit misleading) signals that this is intended for jump starting your car, which is laughable with this tiny 2200mAh battery.

This does not jump start a vehicle. It trickle charges the car battery to give it enough juice to start the car.

You do not simply plug this in and crank it. It takes time, which is not really specified here. I doubt it will revive a completely dead battery, but if your instrument panel comes in then there’s hope.

Check out You can start a car with a battery from a portable drill. Trust me, it works.

Yep. It will take 20 minutes to charge an almost dead battery but I doubt it will bring a completely dead battery back to life. Stick with PowerAll jumpers for this.

The battery capacity is laughably small.

Interesting, too, that 9 straight reviews here give it one star — then all of a sudden it gets two 5-star ratings…

Still waiting for a MicroStart XP-1. But then, I don’t know that Woot has ever offered first-run current quality products…

2200mAh??? My AA NiMH have 2200mAh. This “charger” has the same power as a AA battery? Wow.

If I need to take up a course in trickle charging just to understand and buy one of these units, then I don’t need it! It’s Woot’s responsibility to give me the information I need to know in order to make an informed purchase and the staffs responsibility to get that imoportant information to me. If they can’t function in that parameter, I’m out.

That was nice of Woot to wait until after the holiday to sell this, to save a few relationships after this was bought for helpless motorist spouses, until said helpless motorist spouse actually needed to use it for it to fail miserably.

The QVC link shows the battery as 16V 2.20Ah lithium-ion rechargeable battery. For those saying your cell phone has a better battery, your cell phone is probably only a 5V battery. And as a charger that only plugs into cigarette lighter you can’t expect miracles. As mentioned, seems like it would be more of a trickle charger that you would need to leave plugged in for a while to make a difference in the battery, and not an instant booster for starting. Not worth it either way.

Junk. Do not buy this. Not just junk but over priced just.

A fairly crappy car battery provides 550 CCA for 30 seconds. That translates to about 4600mAH, whereas, if this has 2200mAH at 16V, that’s only 2933mAH at 12V, so I don’t see how this will recharge a dead battery enough to be useful. Maybe if this had a 16800mAH (at 5V = 7000@12V) battery like the recent Gorilla backup phone charger (which is way smaller), it would be useful.