Mobile Week! August 15 - August 20, 2022

That food is gunna smell :grin:


What’s the deal with spamming today

40 minutes until post mongering! It is 620am. The cat is fed and feeling joyful and naughty. I am going to “rest my eyes” for 30 mins. Then I too shall be feeling joyful and naughty!

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Im wondering too.

Here is how it went last time

read the beginning and it will explain.


Is there a link to the mongering somewhere obvious?
I’ve only had two sips of coffee.

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No link to Post Mongering, so the spamming starts here: Spam, spam, spam , spam, spam, spam, spam, spam, lovely spaaaaaaaaam, wonderful spaaaaaaaaam!

spam GIF

Would you lot knock it off?

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A link was posted in the post directly before yours.


Why am I getting woot off notifications? The woot off was yesterday

Well, the short version is:

Because the notifications had to go out from Woot Headquarters, through tiny little wires to a big thing that shoots the notification through the air using technology nobody understands, then that goes up into the clouds, sometimes bumping into a duck that wonders what happened, then your notification wave gets confused and heads towards Fiji which is the wrong direction, but luckily it hits a Jet that was flying by, so it just hangs on to the jet until it gets over your cellphone where it lets go and drops it’s message right to you.
This causes delays to the official woot notification system.
I hope this explanation helped.


@davejlives Could you put this PSA out on Twitter?


writing the press release now


Thank you. You’re a good kitty cat.

It makes sense

Kinda sad there’s no happy hour this time with @ThunderThighs
Classic Film Drink GIF by Warner Archive

No happy hour but I’m sure there was plenty of drinking already



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@davejlives will post mongering stay open an hour longer since it was shut down due to the WTF fiasco?

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