Mobile Wireless Router

you need to pay a monthly fee, right?

In the old days, laptops didn’t have wi-fi cards built in, so I could see the point for needing one of these gadgets, maybe 5 or 10 years ago. So what point am I missing here?

Can this replace my Comcast rental modem?

No. Mobile in the name means a wireless router that is mobile. Not mobile like mobile phone monthly fee.

Functionally the only difference between this router and a “regular” one is this is smaller and has less ports, because it’s meant to be used on the go. Does have USB, though. That’s kinda surprising.

Multiple connections. Ever stay in a hotel with one wired Internet connection at the desk? Plug this thing in and connect your laptop, phone, tablet…all at once.

Also the mobile data connection, if you have that account (I don’t). I’m tempted for multiplying an individual connection, though.

Thanks for the explanation.

Thanks x2. Helpful information. :slight_smile:

Uses for this as I understand:

• Wireless connection via a router if you have an Air Card. Plug it into this and you and someone else can access wireless via this gadget.

• Easy wireless router when only Ethernet is available. I could have used this in a vacation condo last year that only had Ethernet and no wireless. There were 3 of us with iPads, computers, and phones.

The big feature is the small size and that it’s easy to pack and go.

Sure hope this works with my verizon modem… To think I can connect my laptop, iPad, and iPod touch all that the same time on the go…sweet.

You don’t need it if there is wifi available. That’s not what it is for.

I’ve got the single-USB version of this, and it works well. You need to enter the configuration for your USB modem, but that info is available online. You can then save the config to reload it later if you ever need to.

I got it because there are times I’m not near wifi and I want to look something up, but I don’t want to take the time to get out and fire up my computer. I can use this with my TouchPad and find what I’m looking for.

I also used it a couple of weeks ago when my power was out and my DSL was down.

The description included a link to a page full of compatible modems.

Can you use this for WiFi repeating. Taking one wifi sigal and spitting it back out amplified. Assuming that it can’t. Just USB mobile tethering and ethernet right?

Anyone using one of these with Clear/ClearWire WiMAX products? Anyone specifically using the “Clear Stick” product?

And yes, I know Clear provides crappy service and atrocious customer service, but it’s far cheaper than any other option for me.

does this mean i can use this with my current wireless phone plan? i have verizon.

Overall, the device looks like a Cradlepoint, with less battery life and the ability to connect to an Ethernet source at the same time. And it costs less. Doesn’t sound like a bad deal at all.

I got this back in February to use as a stationary wireless router. The set-up was a tad confusing to a non-tech person like myself, but I managed. I plugged the ethernet cable in from my cable modem, and now I have wifi in my house. For the price, even with a little set-up head-scratching, you can’t beat it.

(Actually, it looks like I bought the MWR211 instead of the MWR222, but it’s the same idea for what my use is.)

It also supports USB broadband modems (that use cellular networks), so it’s not just a small router/access point. That’s the reason I bought one (well, a similar model).

Yes, enquiring minds want to know.