Mobius Kart

That level would suck.

The hard work paid off. Congrats Spirit!

Mario ad infinitum? Sign me up.

Yay! I am so glad this won. Next time I get an HM I will for sure buy this one.

I’d totally find a way to fly off that track and get myself stuck in an infinite loop of falling.

When I first saw this design it triggered chemicals in the precise region of my brain where my love of Escher and Mario Kart overlap. It had never occurred to try for First Sucker till this amazing appeared in the derby.
Couldn’t be happier for you that printed, Matt.

Finally! Congrats Matt!!! Great design and concept. Happy it placed!!!

Good to see there are 8 Marios! :slight_smile:

Even WalMart is thoroughly confused. :wink:

Nothing new, there.

The red and yellow stripe on the side of the track is discontinuous. Other than that, great design!

I’m so glad this printed! So much hard work needed to be rewarded! Awesome shirt Matt!:smiley: Congrats!

I’m so glad to see this up here! And down! And sideways! Awesome job, SG!

I think that’s actually white and red like it is on some race tracks, but I see what you mean. Kind of a decent sized error for the concept. But a cool shirt! :slight_smile:

Woohoo! Thanks SO much for all the encouragement and to everyone who voted. This design scared the heck out of me to start drawing but I’m glad I persevered.

Race me online! NNID: InfinityWave

(I’m in the UK, South West)

I’m a sucker for anything M.C. Escher inspired. Well done.

I very nearly did make a huge error - I had the underside Marios facing the wrong way at one point! - but the curbs are intentional.

I had a feeling we’d see this at some point this weekend. Congrats, SG!

So glad this printed- mind boggling well crafted!

“There shouldn’t be a finish line if it’s an infinite race”

-my 7 year old son