Möbius Luck

Infinite good luck… Beautiful design, great idea! :slight_smile:



Congrats on the win, PatrickSpens! The design really sham-ROCKS! :wink:

Nice one patrickspens!

If you count, there are an even number of twists and therefore it is not a mobius band.

This is great. I can’t tell if it will make me more or less lucky though.

That’s odd. Wait…

Yeah, a möbius band has only one side, but this seems to have both a dark-green and a light-green side.

“Cylinder open at both ends Luck” doesn’t have the same ring to it though.

Great use of light!

Where the heck is @Narf or @TT today? My comment was puntastic! (I really do shoot for the quality post some days). Sheesh. I guess I’ll have to rehash the same joke tomorrow.

Except it’s not a shamrock. It’s a 4-leaf clover.