Mocking Bird

Talk this snarky belongs on Twitter.

Jeez birds are mean.

I find this shirt particularly pertinent in light of all the bitching about yesterday’s phoenix.


I love the joke… because it’s so true!

Well that’s a relief. And a pun.

Seriously? All word balloon shirts are pretty much bad, but this may take the world record for bad. Well, except for Polite Pete.

I’ll only accept someone wearing this shirt if they’re also balancing on a telephone line and pooping on a car below them.

Hush, Little Birdy…everyone knows that’s the way to get a diamond ring. Don’t you want birdy bling?

wow read QC much?

More of a sarcastic bird than a mocking bird. Mocking birds repeat things.

This joke is absolutely killing me.

By calling itself out on its own bird-themed unoriginality this shirt doesn’t make the wearer appear to be funny, but rather it makes him/her appear to be a jackass.

I can’t find a single nice to say about him … his whole website just reeks of amateurish ideas & even worse “art”. Truly sad he’s made it this far when better designs go unrealized.

Jeph Jacques may have a word or three to say about this shirt.

I was going to say that it reminds me of the yelling bird.

What do you know, birdbrain??? Polly want a beatdown?

Perhaps an incidental advertisement for Questionable Content?

I like the write up more than the actual shirt

Sarcastic bird wouldn’t be punny.